Wooden Keyboard

Custom made wooden keyboard for exhibitions purposes.

Wooden Keyboard was made as an input device for data collecting application. Keyboard is recognised by operating system (Windows, OSX, Linux) as a common keyboard and can be used in any application. Electronics are based on capacity sensors therefore the design may be flat and thin.

Project was initiated by exhibition "designer - critic - editor - commentator" @ Slovak Design Centre Gallery - Satelit.

Used materials: Plywood, plotter foils.
Electronics: Arduino, custom capacity sensors.

Sonda typeface from URTD -- Type foundry was used for keyboard letters.

Concept: Ján Šicko & Roman Mackovič
Custom Hardware: Roman Mackovič
Thanks: Šimon Chovan, Zuzana Uhálová, Tamara Širin Shawkatová
Year: 2014