IOIN is a realtime modeling and mapping application made by Ján Šicko used for live performances. IOIN is based on openFrameworks and still at an early development stage.

Projects made with IOIN:
Glass & Burlass
Contrary motion

IOIN – Edit mode Sound Analysis from DevKid on Vimeo.

Imagine a space defined just by points. Points as the only constants and reference to the physical world. Then, imagine a tool, something like a pencil. Drawing tool crafted to be used in a 3D canvas.

I use it to rewrite the physical form of the space into digital substance. I don’t want to create a realistic representation of that space, rather that, I want to pull out the essence I want to work with. Connection between the physical and digital world will remain through my points. Someone would call it mapping. But it really does not matter. For me it is important to vanish physical substance of one and give physical reference to the second.

Points are the basic building blocks. They are unique and consist out of coordinates. They even have names. Everything will be derived out of these points. (See Fig.2)

Points forms the stroke. One point can be shared by multiple strokes. The stroke has a resolution and has start/end rotation and scale.

The stroke is more like a spine. You can attach different templates to the stroke. Those templates defines the final 3d mesh. (See Fig. 5) The mesh is real-time generated. This scheme allows me to modify every aspect of the creation process realtime.

Early stroke class definitions.

Early stroke class definitions.

Simple scheme: Points -> Stroke + Template -> 3d Mesh.

IOIN – Mesh Anatomy from DevKid on Vimeo.