Burlas Glass

Realtime visuals were made with IOIN application developed by Ján Šicko.

Organ: Fero Király
Light design (Visual concept & Programming): Ján Šicko
Photos: Zuzana Šimkovičová, Roman Mackovič
Client: Konvergence Festival
Year: 2014

"I like projects where I don’t know how they’re going to turn out. They help me touch the limits of my abilities. A clear vision with a great many question marks. Techologically extra demanding. The lighting design for the Burlas­ Glass concert is one such project. My goal was to produce an application which would create an image in real time based on the music and my interpretation of it during the concert. The emerging image was projected onto the cross vaulting of St. Martin’s Cathedral, heightening or negating its topography. The project was linked with lighting design for the Philip Glass organ concert Contrary Motion, which was held at Slovak Radio as part of the Radio_Head Awards." Ján Šicko