Contrary Motion

The project was initiated by a musician Fero Király, who is also devoted to research of Glass’s music of the 60s. He decided to interpret three of Glass’s pieces of music on the organ. Ján Šicko created lighting design to the music, that is based on the custom software made for mapping, sound analysis and live performance.

When the software was being created, the main focus was on the ability of fast object mapping (in this case fluepipes) at the place of the concert. The lighting design was carried out onto the fluepipes of the biggest organ in central Europe, placed in the Radio Slovakia. The height of one fluepipe is 7 m and there were 197 fluepipes mapped altogether.

Because of the fast adjustment to different surfaces, the projection can be carried out in various places and contexts.

Organ: Fero Király
Lighting design (Visual concept & Programming): Ján Šicko
Photos: Roman Mackovič, Ján Šicko
Thanks: Maroš Hečko, Zuzana Adamkovičová, Tomáš Boroš
Place: Slovak Radio

Philip Glass early works for organ

Front view



The fluepipes were mapped in the author software controlled in iPad. Thus it is possible to map the image onto the desired place with broken surface exactly and very quickly.